The right ink not only enhances your design, it sets the stage for your other embellishments. Melmarc offers the following types of inks that can be applied in a wide range of embellishments.

Rhinestones are applied as a heat transfer. Rhinestones are available in an assortment of dimensions and colors.

Art Requirements:
Print Size: 18″ x 23″ max

Applicable Garments:
Weight: 2.25 oz – 8 oz
Melmarc recommends using 100% Cotton or Cotton/Poly blends containing at least or more than 50% cotton.
Wash Requirements:
For best results, garment should be washed inside out on gentle cycle, tumble dry low. Do not bleach or iron embellishment.

Quality Concerns:
Rhinestones cannot be applied to seams, or collars.
An item will be considered defective when more than 5% of the products show the following characteristics:
Loose Elements:
· Heat transfer glue does not attach to a pure non processed 100% cotton surface.
· Heat transfer backing is detached from the bottom surface of the element to show.

· Single product package contains more than one color shade.

· Elements may have different color shades during manufacturing. This will not be considered defective.
Custom Transfer Production:

· Approved artwork differs by more than 5% on the placement of materials.
· Color of materials on transfer is incorrect. Excludes shade variance caused by manufacturer.
We use the following stones and studs: rhinestones, studs, Swarovski stones, and nail heads. See Stone Chart and Shape Stud Chart for more options.
View Stone Chart
View Stud Chart

Melmarc’s product development team is constantly researching the market for the latest trends to provide you with cutting edge techniques and options for your graphic t-shirt program. Give us a call to see how we can help you with your next project. 714-460-6600