What we do

what we do

Everything you need, in one Full Package.


Melmarc offers a retail-ready package that includes garment sourcing, embellishments, and packaging. We’ve simplified every step of the process and developed M-Trac, our proprietary tracking management system, so you know exactly where your garments are at all times.
Garment Sourcing
Finding the right blank garment is the beginning to creating a great product. We can help guide you in finding a reputable mill stock or creating a custom cut-n-sew garment. Working with your forecasted timetable and design specifications, Melmarc will help source the right blank garment to fit your program. View our Apparel guide

From garment dyeing to embroidery, Melmarc can work with you to find the embellishment that meets your budget. With an eye on quality and attention to detail, we can help you make your design into a reality. View our Embellishment guide
Melmarc offers the latest fabric treatments and screen printing techniques in a variety of print sizes. View our print sizes
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Melmarc understands the details needed to finish off your garment and meet your retailer’s exact specifications. We are equipped to manage everything from labels to custom boxes. Whether you plan to ship direct to a store, a distribution center, or a global affiliate, Melmarc has the expertise to handle your specific packaging requirements to ensure your goods get delivered accurately. View our Packaging guide