Minimum Order Quantity


Melmarc’s facilities are designed to produce quality graphic tees quickly, accurately, and at a competitive cost. Melmarc has established minimum order quantity guidelines based on the equipment and factory set up in order to achieve these goals.

Garment Minimums


Embellishment Minimums



Every t-shirt graphic requires a design “set up“. This “set up” includes things like film separation output, pre-press preparation, and exposing of screens necessary for print production.

Each time a different size dimension of a graphic is required, a separate set up must also be done (a separate set of film, screens) Often, one size dimension of a graphic design is not suitable for every style/garment the design is intended for. For example, refer to the diagram below. The design for the t-shirt would be too large to screen on a tank top, so a smaller size is required. There would be two set ups needed in this example: One for the t-shirt and one for the tank top. Melmarc’s minimum order quantity(MOQ) per design/set up is 600 units per design.

Melmarc understands that every design may not be the same ink color on every t-shirt body color. The combination of the colors of the design and what t-shirt body color it should be on is commonly referred to as a “colorway.

Designers usually designate these colorways when submitting their designs on a makesheet/matrix. The minimum quantity per colorway is 300 units per design. The chart below shows a typical example of a simple one color design order that meets the embellishment MOQ, and one where the order does not meet the MOQ.