Baseball Stitch

baseball stitch

The time-honored art of embroidery has been practiced for centuries. Cast some magic over your tees with the decorative possibilities of creative stitchery.

The baseball stitch resembles the stitch pattern on a baseball. It works down the fabric about every 1/8″.
The baseball stitch can be useful because of its flexibility and elasticity. It pulls the edges of material (cloth or leather) together to form a flat surface.

Art Requirements:
Artwork is “digitized”, a specialized process of converting 2 dimensional artwork into stitches or thread.
Halftone: 40 lpi
Line Weight: 4pt min
Print Size: 0.25″ min – 19″ x 22.5″ max
Applicable Garments:
Weight: 4 oz min – 10 oz max
Melmarc recommends using 100% cotton garments or cotton/poly blends.
Quality Concerns:

Thinner fabrics can result in needle holes. Thinner fabrics require a thicker backing material. Backing material cannot be completely removed or picked.

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