What is a Vendor Compliance Manual?

Producing quality products is only half the process to achieving a successful graphic t-shirt program. If your t-shirts don’t reach their vendors correctly, delays and chargebacks can occur. Melmarc understands that every retailer and organization may have specific shipping and routing requirements for any goods to be received.
Most retailers will have what is commonly referred to as a Vendor Compliance Manual. These manuals are designed to promote the movement of merchandise through their supply chains in an efficient and expeditious manner. They contain detailed guidelines and specifications for things such as label, sticker, and ticket placement, carton dimensions and folding guidelines.
To avoid any delays or potential chargebacks, it is crucial that all customers provide Melmarc with the Vendor Compliance Manuals from any of the retailers or organizations that will be receiving goods from Melmarc.  
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Below are a couple of examples of typical pages that would be found in a Vendor Compliance Manual

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