Solar on Darks

Why go plain when you can go bold? Enhance your tees to make them stand out from the crowd. From standard inks to appliques, Melmarc has a variety of embellishments that will have lasting impact on your design.

Solar inks are sensitive to light. Solar inks go on clear and burst into rainbow brights when exposed to sunlight. Rich with color and pigment, they’re striking on dark and black t-shirts.


Art Requirements:
Bold line art works best.  Fine fonts or detail will be lost.  Solar inks are transparent.  To print on a dark garment they must be printed over other colors.  The color under the Solar inks must be a light shade to minimize the effect they have on the Solar colors printed over them.  Maximum Line count for Solar inks is 25 LPI.  Minimum Line weight:  2 points both positive and negative space.


Quality Concerns:
Due to the nature of this ink PMS matches are not possible.  Design detail can affect color deposit and change values.  Solar colors that contain blue pigment have a pale green appearance when printed.  Water Base and Tinted discharge prints can see color variance due to garment color and dye process.

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